Lanktrad International (Private) Limited was incorporated in 1984 as a Private Limited Liability Company in terms of the Companies’ Ordinance of Sri Lanka.


The Lanktrad factory is located in Hendala, Wattala, 9km North of the Capital city of Sri Lanka – Colombo. Colombo is one of the most modern cities and has the busiest port in the South Asian Region. Many shipping lines call over at the Colombo port and the transit time to any European destination is less than three weeks. Colombo also has an International Airport and many International airlines fly into Colombo.

The factory and office has about 10,000 Sq. Feet of covered space with all the necessary facilities for employees. There is also ample space for future expansion.


Almost all the products made by Lanktrad are handmade using very simple locally made machines thus providing employment opportunities to as many as possible. Products are designed to give an aesthetic look which can only be achieved by human touch.


Products have been designed with the safety of the environment in mind. Main raw materials used in manufacture are Sisal fibre, Jute fibre, Coco fibre and Palmyrah fibre. All the fibres are natural and are harvested from well-managed sustainable plantations which provide employment to thousands of people in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. These raw materials are abundantly available throughout the year. Other materials used are stainless steel wire, galvanized iron wire, wooden knobs from timber off-cuts, cotton cord, hang tags and packing cartons made from re-cycled paper and board.


At present Lanktrad has 43 employees. These include senior technicians who have several years of experience in the handmade brush industry. They are a relatively young work force who has been adequately trained to master the art of making quality assured products.

The company observes all legislation's enacted by the Government of Sri Lanka, which is a signatory to the ILO convention. All employees are over 18 years of age and are required to work 45 hours per week. Employees are adequately compensated for work carried out during normal working hours and after working hours. All employees are treated alike irrespective of gender, religion, language or cast.


We believe that our partners are entitled to share in the economic benefits derived from our efforts to create, develop, produce, source and market products worldwide.

For our customers we will strive to understand and be creatively responsive to their needs and always look to improve value for them. Work as partners, invest aggressively in research, new products, capacity and technology.

For our employees we will strive to delight their working life by providing healthy working environment, adequate remuneration, utilizing teamwork, new processes and technologies thereby improving our business and manufacturing processes. We will ensure that every employee contribute to reducing costs, maintaining the highest quality standards in our production continuously thereby maintain our competitiveness in the International Market.

For suppliers we will strive to foster mutually beneficial long-term business partnerships, utilize our mutual capabilities to create better value, be objective and ethical in all transactions.

For our communities and governments we will strive to support the economy and general welfare, conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner, and be a good corporate citizen.

For our shareholders we will strive to continually reinvent our human resources, products, processes and plants. Provide leadership, which is proactive and demands excellence with a view to balance our incremental and reap growth strategies.